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Dedicated Legal Counsel For You & Your Family

Family Law Attorneys in Bend, Oregon

Why Work With Us?

At Haskett Williams Law Group, our attorneys give personal care and attention to our community. Taking a collaborative approach so that you never wonder where you stand in your case, we serve those in Bend, Oregon—and the surrounding areas of Redmond, Sunriver, Prineville, Madras, Sisters, and all of Oregon—with compassion, elite knowledge, and dedication.

We're Compassionate

You are more than just another case. We genuinely care about your personal circumstances, and we are ready to fight and guide you with empathy and focus.

We're Knowledgeable

Each of our attorneys brings something different to the table. We will fight for you and your family with the knowledge, skills, and experiences we hold.

We're Collaborative

We not only work with your goals in mind, but we also keep you informed every step of the way so you never wonder what's happening with your case.

Tell Us About Your Family's Legal Needs

Get the legal guidance and advocacy you deserve by reaching out and letting us know how we can help you and your family.


Client Testimonials

The Guidance You Need to Protect Your Family's Future

From our office in Bend, Oregon, we at Haskett Williams Law Group are prepared to serve our community for their family law and civil litigation needs. Don't face your situation alone. An advocate on your side could make all the difference for your own and your family's future.

Your family's needs are important. It's just as important to get legal guidance for your circumstances, such as going through a divorce, fighting for child custody or child support, or trying to decide on alimony. Confronting each of these situations can be complicated, especially if someone is fighting against you.

Third-party rights are complex and require skilled attention. Maybe your relatives are fighting for the custody of your child. Or, maybe you're trying to gain custody of a child that isn't yours, such as a niece, nephew, or the child of a partner who just passed away. The well-being of that child is your priority, so get the support of an attorney. Together, you can fight for custody.

If you're in Bend, Oregon, the surrounding areas of Redmond, Sunriver, Prineville, Madras, and Sisters, or anywhere else in Oregon, do not hesitate to reach out. No matter your situation, our attorneys will help you understand your options and move forward.